FAQ: Frequently asked questions
Money transfer
How much does the service cost?

Register an account in afrikbank is free.

To send the money to Africa, we apply a fixed amount of $ 5 for transactions in USD and a fixed rate of 3% for transactions in EUR.

The exchange rate applied is the daily rate of the website www.xe.com

Do I need an afrikbank account to send money to afrikbank?

Yes, you need to open an account on afrikbank. The process is very simple both on the web and on the App.

For international payment transactions from international providers on the web version, you will need to upload a copy of your Identity Card or your passport.

How do i deposit money at afrikbank?

For money transfers, the money is debited from your debit card or VISA / MASTERCARD credit or from your paypal account.

Your bank must accept 3D Secure transactions.

What is the amount I can send?

The sending limits are 25 to 300 USD or EUR. The ceiling will be increased as the service is controlled.

How do beneficiaries receive the money sent?

The money is instantly received in their electronic wallet (MobileMoney). The recipient goes cash-out at a point of service of his MobileMoney operator.

What is the exchange rate applied?

The exchange rate is displayed on the form. This exchange rate is the one of the day, taken on the reference site www.xe.com.

How do you know the exact amount the beneficiary will receive?

On the shipping form, you fill in the amount in the local currency of the beneficiary and the application displays the fees and the amount to be debited in the currency.

Comment connaître le statut de la transaction ?

Find all of your transactions made in the History menu and the status of each transaction

What if the recipient does not receive the money sent?

The reason for the failure is probably due to a network problem of the operator. In this case the system retries several times. If in 8 hours, the money is still not received, make an email with the beneficiary number in the subject at info@afrikbank.com for tracking and immediate payment.