FAQ: Frequently asked questions
Payment of Suppliers
Which countries can I pay suppliers to?

Wherever the dollar or the Euro is accepted.

What is the payment term?

The maximum payment time is 72 hours.

How do I give money from Cameroon?

You set up your account in afrikbank, and have 3 possibilities to put the money in this account.

1 - Deposit in bank

You pour the money into the bank account opened for this purpose in a bank in Cameroon (UBA, Atlantic Bank).

You go to the menu Credit Account

Click From Bank Deposit , and make the declaration of your payment by downloading the proof of payment.

The recharge of your account will be done by the backoffice of afrikbank

2 - Recharge from your MobileMoney

You pour the money into your MobileMoney, and click From my Mobile Money Account

You will enter your phone number and the amount you want to put in your afrikbank account.

When you confirm, you will receive an SMS on your phone asking you to enter your PIN to validate the withdrawal in your MobileMoney account. If you do not receive the SMS, type * 126 # for MTN or # 150 # for Orange.

3 - Recharge from your credit card or PayPal account

You have money in your bank account or in your PayPal account.

You go to the menu From Card or PayPal

Fill in the information on your VISA / MASTERCARD or your PayPal account and confirm. Your afrikbank account will be directly credited.

How is my account reloaded?

If you use the MobileMoney and VISA or PayPal Card options, your account is instantly recharged.

If you make the deposit in the bank, we will check this transaction in our bank and then credit your account. The maximum recharge time is 4 hours.

How do I pay the provider?

You go to the menu: Payment

You can choose to pay the existing provider in your address book or pay a casual provider.

Click Direct , and fill out the form

Upon submission of this form, the transfer will be made RIB the account of the provider indicated and in its currency.

Do I have proof of payment?

When the transfer to your supplier is made, you receive by email the notification and proof of the transfer.

How to follow the payment?

Go to the Follow-up menu to track your account deposits and supplier payment requests.